Napoems – 10, 11, 16 & 18 – because in the spirit of NaPo even the duds deserve the light of day.

This is what happens under conditions of too much life stuff and not enough sleep. A poem a day does not mean, well, this is what it means…

American Sentence

Chocolate and strawberry beer for dinner; must be NaPo.

Stress Relief

Quicker than liquor,
calmer than Lorezepam,
cheaper than Mazatlan  –
three dogs at my feet.

The Evolutionary Biologist Dreams

I put on my elephant shoes
Stomp! Stomp!
Goat mouth bleats.
Alligator tail applauds.
Smack! His bitty legs
churn. Oh! sinuous moves.
Where are the trees?
Where are my opposable toes,
prehensile tail?
Chimpanzees swarm
the backyard fence.
Pop! Offer them a beer
and seat at the Super Bowl.

Dog As Metaphor

When I say a home without a dog is sterile,
I mean stark.
I mean lack of understanding house broken.
I mean a door will never be a window.
I mean where are the alter egos?
I mean the ego is never sacrificed on the altar of the id.
I mean wine and beer are poor substitutes and cars can’t kiss you back.
I mean rabbits breed freely in the garden.
I mean death hides in the closets.
I mean an old, blind, deaf and incontinent poodle does not become an operational definition
of human aging, marriage vows, fidelity, loyalty and tenderness and a bone is the detritus of steak and gets thrown in the garbage at the end of a meal.


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