Napoem6 – The NRA Alphabet

The NRA Alphabet

A is for Arms, for love of America. Don’t forget Bullets, which fall under
B, which is also for Bushmaster, good for squirrel hunting. Also Background Checks, leading to
C for Confiscation by the suede-
Denim secret police, Dadgummit!
E is for Evidence
Firearms kill. A cotton-pickin’ lie! trumped up by
G is for Gun Control Advocates. People kill. See
H is for Harris/(see K), for Hawks, for Holmes, see L, see T, see U, see V, see W. H is also for High Capacity Magazines, also for Hunting. See also B. See also M.
I is for Infringement and our Interests; three cheers for
Judge Derbigny who ruled violent felons have gun rights, too, which after
K is for Kazmierczak, Kinkel and Klebold brings us to
L is for Louisiana for Loose gun Laws, for Lock and Load and Loughner and Lanza, who everyone knows were
M for Mentally Ill, which means
Not Normal, Not like Us who
Otherwise, may, on Occasion, be accused of
Paranoia re: conviction of government takeover. All we can say is
Q for if it Quacks like a duck. See B. See C. See G.
R is for Right, in all its meanings and Rights,
Second Amendment. See also I. See also District of Columbia v. Heller. S is also for shots fired. See Harris/Klebold (188), see Hawks (214), see Holmes (70), see Loughner (33), see Lanza (154), see Torres (144), see Uyesigi (28), see Vang (20) see Wong (99)
T is for Torres
U is for Uyesigi
V is for Vang and for high Velocity.
W is for Wong and for Wayne (LaPierre’s) World: More Guns Needed: No International Arms Trade Treaty
X is for Xenophobia; it’s a Hellish World and it’s Us or
Y is for You. Today it’s assault weapons; tomorrow we go
ZAP! Personal small arms nuclear!


2 thoughts on “Napoem6 – The NRA Alphabet

  1. annewlindsay says:

    What can I say? I can say it’s a great poem. And I like it. And it’s true what you say, every word.

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