Let there be poetry. Please send beer

Today is momentous for two reasons. First, my good friend, Mark Burnhope, is launching a project dear to his heart – Fit to Work – Poets Against ATOS, an anthology of poetry. Fifty-one poets have gathered together to protest draconian benefits cuts to the disabled in the UK. The anthology goes live, online, April 1 and will come out in print at the end of the year. I am honored to have a poem in it. I will provide a link to the anthology as soon as available. I hope you will check it out and learn more about the unfortunate situation occurring in the UK under the guise of “deficit reduction.”

The second event is that it is National Poetry month. Every year, there are many poets who engage in a certain insanity known as NaPo, during which we, either singularly or in collective misery, write 30 poems in 30 days. This is my fifth year participating. Every year, so far, I have written the requisite 30 poems. Some of them have been pretty sad excuses for poems. The important thing, though, is to encourage the habit of writing and I, again, enter this year with that in mind. I may post some of my (very rough) drafts here for the amusement of whoever is watching.

Let the games begin. Somebody please send beer.


2 thoughts on “Let there be poetry. Please send beer

  1. annewlindsay says:

    Yes!. I’m with you for poetry month. Your companion in misery. Your fellow sojourner. Your alcohol and chocolate consumer. She that understands why your house is untidy your hair a mess.

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