Christmas Travelogue – Part V – They don’t pose

they don’t stay put, the lighting is wrong or I don’t have my camera. Every trip that isn’t spent in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee (my husband’s desire), the perfect martini or bread pudding (mine), is in pursuit of the perfect bird photograph. The big picture doesn’t exactly get missed, honestly, I attend partly because when I’m behind the lens I don’t want to walk off a cliff, but more because to capture a bird, you have to become familiar with its environment.

In three days, I took nearly 1500 shots. I astound myself when I write that. I couldn’t do action shots like I do now with an old 35 mm. 1500 shots. Imagine developing that. Two days to cull through them on computer and I end with maybe 50 worth keeping, one I am proud enough to frame. These are never the unusual birds I have to run to a manual to identify. Just an ordinary Brown Pelican. Suspended for a moment against a sky that almost looks nonexistent. I can live with that.



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