As we debate the burning questions

We are well known for no sense of direction. My younger daughter called a couple weeks ago en route to Stillwater from Tulsa. You can drive due west via the turnpike or Highway 51. She couldn’t tell me how she arrived in Luther, southwest of destination, on Route 66. Today my husband knew “exactly” where we were going. He likes to say we take the road less traveled. I like to say where are the rest rooms? He asks where is the closest coffee house, I ask what does that have to do with the price of tea in China, he asks what’s with all the signs warning about seismic crews, I want to know why is there a sculpture sitting on the edge of a field in the middle of nowhere and would he turn around so I can get a picture, he wants to know is that finger pointing to heaven and why not the middle finger instead? If and when we find our destination, we may at least have answered one or two burning questions. Most assuredly our conversation will have veered from geography to geology, religion, trade wars, politics and the environment. When he asks why is that chicken running loose, I finally have an answer:

Not Why But If And What Happens Next

The chicken busted loose,
wandering lost in indecision
by the side of the road.
A cricket jumps first,
the chicken merely follows
her appetite, a Silverado
catches her in its grille and, yes,
many roads are crossed all the way
to Bugtussle, (I kid you not),
Oklahoma, where she is rolled
for all she’s worth
in many savory spices
and chili peppers.


2 thoughts on “As we debate the burning questions

  1. redmitten says:

    i am so behind in reading here and i can tell because time spent here restores me. i’ve not been feeling restored. in other news, back in my married days i was the navigator–always looking for the road not traveled. there were times when our kids would moan “oh no, mom has the map”….but now? now the best memories we share are the ones that involved the road untraveled.

  2. I am sad you need restoring, but happy to be doing my bit to help! Good luck with your art show! Um, we don’t need a map to find those roads. We need a map and a bit of something else to get OFF them. My younger daughter dropped her car off the other night because it needed some work, I had to take her home (which is a couple miles away), there was an accident on the way home, meaning I had to take a detour and I got lost. No lie. In my defense, it WAS after dark, the neighborhood I had to go through had no lights and had no logical road system and…yeah, well, I have no sense of direction and neither does anyone else in my family.

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