This morning I saw someone suggest “incentivising removal of cedar trees” as a fix for global warning. I wondered, in my ignorance, if cedar trees metabolize like cows, producing excess gas. It wasn’t until much later I considered context and sarcasm.

I have always said (as do my daughters) that I prefer the company of men because they are more straightforward than women. It doesn’t occur to me to consider which category I’m in.

Yesterday, cooler weather – meaning ninety-something, allowed me to work outside. My job is to plant, then yank and cut. We have one south window, in what was a daughter’s room and is now empty. Outside the window is a narrow side yard, where nothing grows, so there is no reason for me to look.  We bought some furniture yesterday to put in there, so I looked. What grew there required both the little pruners and big loppers. It was going to take just a minute, so I didn’t bring my gloves. But, as long as I was out there, I remembered what my husband said about the rosebushes…

I wonder if we would love roses less if they didn’t make us bleed?

My husband is the bundler and I’m not talking financial packages or internet. I did warn him to wear his gloves.

Today we look like we own cats.

I bought the furniture mostly to keep my daughters from taking the most comfortable chair in the house when they come over, which is almost every day. The most comfortable chair was in my study. Now the most comfortable chair is in the spare bedroom. I left my Kindle there last night. I’m planning a new garden to improve the view.


2 thoughts on “Bundling

  1. redmitten says:

    my roses contrast sharply with yours. years ago i told a friend i had yellow roses blooming in our montana november. he didn’t believe me. years later he sent me a baby yellow rose bush and i planted it in front of my house. there are about 3 twigs coming out of it right now, but come november that baby bush blooms yellow, even in the snow.

  2. You have some tough roses! The white roses (Sombreuil) will bloom once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The other rose (Alchemist) blooms only once, in the Spring. I have other roses that bloom off and on until December, but they are done once it gets really cold. I used to have about four dozen roses. I am down to about a dozen, now.

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