When any of us complained there wasn’t anything to drink

our mother would point “right there, it’s free, it comes out of the faucet, it’s called water.” After she died that’s what my older brother remembered. That’s a hell of a legacy to be remembered for water and four cups lined up at the sink. My mother once said that what children recall and what really happened isn’t necessarily the same thing, but I think my brother represented my mother’s position on beverages pretty well. In any case, you get born and right away you lose control of your own narrative or like my youngest daughter once said, you should have thought of that before you had kids. There’s a lot of X that we all should consider before Y but who ever does? My kids remember me for things I actually never said or did but if three witnesses are in a room and two say one thing happened and one says another, who do you believe? What if two are children and one is the parent? Well, if I am the parent, I know who I believe. As far as my mother and water goes, though, to this day my favorite beverages are orange juice and an ice cold glass of water. Maybe in that respect, like  my Dad with birds (more on that later), she didn’t do too bad.


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